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Informal networking events




We hold numerous work-related and social events during the year, encouraging members of the WMS community to take time out of their day to get to know their colleagues, build relationships and develop a sense of collegiality without relying on social activities outside of core working hours.

Current activities

  • Gameshow Jamboree
    Our annual Gameshow Jamboree sees teams of staff and students come together to go head to head in a series of quizzes based on the format of popular TV gameshows.
  • Leading Lights Lectures
    Professors within WMS are given the opportunity to give a lecture on their research for anyone from the school who wants to attend, as well as their own friends and family members. These popular lectures are currently being delivered online and are a great way for other members of the WMS community to get to learn about research being conducted in the school and chat to those involved.

  • Christmas Party
    In December, we organise a staff celebration for our colleagues to relax and catch up with colleagues.

  • University social groups and networking
    There are around 6,000 members of staff at Warwick, and there are various networks and groups to allow colleagues from across the university to get to know eachother.

  • Summer BBQ
    Every summer, staff and PhD students are invited to take the afternoon away from their desks and come along for a complimentary barbecue lunch, which features activities including a quiz, rounders and outdoor board games..