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Equality, diversity and inclusion seminars at WMS

In this seminar series we have heard from staff, students and members of the wider healthcare community about the experiences and challenges they have faced within their careers and how they have overcome them. This was designed to be an inspiring series of virtual seminars where we enabled the audience to also share their thoughts and questions as part of the approach. We have also heard from agencies, charities and initiatives fighting for equality and inclusion across the protected characteristics.

We will update this page as more speakers are confirmed. If you would like to join us as a speaker in this series please contact us on

Previous events

Menopause in the workplace – Exploring the impact of Menopause on the NHS

In this webinar Dr Abeda Mulla and her specialist NHS team with expertise in research, analysis and economic modelling shared with us their mixed methods approach to exploring the hidden issue of the menopause in the workplace.

Their report describes for the first time the extent to which menopause and its symptoms impacts on the UK’s largest employer, the NHS. We learnt what they found out and how the issues can be tackled. The findings are relevant to all employers, especially those with a large workforce such as the University.

Following their presentation Professor Vinod Patel talked about his initiatives to help NHS staff.

Race Equality Charter and Inclusive recruitment Talk

The University of Warwick holds a bronze award as independent recognition of our commitment to working towards race quality and determination to tackle race quality at all levels.
Lisa Field from the University’s Social Inclusion team and Graham Partridge, Head of HR at WMS, gave a brief talk on the Race Equality Charter Mark, the University’s subsequent action plan, and the soon-to-be launched inclusive recruitment guidelines that will be trialled at WMS. The aforementioned guidelines seek to improve the inclusivity and diversity of our workforce thereby better representing our communities and creating a more equitable university with regional, national and global reach.

Find out more about the Race Equality Charter and our approach to inclusive recruitment. Watch the recording hereLink opens in a new window

Dr Joe Farmer

Civility Saves Lives

Dr Joe Farmer is a psychiatry trainee doctor working in Coventry. He along with Dr Chris Turner helped set up and run Civility Saves Lives; a health awareness project based on the principles that civility, or rudeness of I, directly impacts team performance and clinical outcomes.

He gave a talk about the current evidence, a summary of how this is pertinent to the work we all do within the NHS and how we can address this to better patient care and outcomes. Watch the seminar recording hereLink opens in a new window

For more information on the project please visit 

Dr Sarah Hillman, Dr Becky MacGregor and Dr Judy Shakespeare

Inequalities in Maternity Care

The inequalities in maternity care have been highlighted recently with the publication of the Ockenden report and findings of the women’s health strategy. Becky, Judy and Sarah are GPs (or training GPs) that believe in the important of maternity care in the community and primary care. They are all member of the GPs Championing Maternity Care (GPCPC) group and reviews and writers of the MBRRACE-UK report (Mothers and babies: Reducing Risk through Audits and Confidential Enquires). In this seminar they seek to talk about the important findings of the MBRRACE-reports and the reasons why mothers die and how we are all part of the solution.

cfDr Chloe Farahar

In this talk Dr Chloe Farahar, an Autistic academic, described growing up as an undiscovered Autistic person; the ableism and disclosure issues she’s faced in academia; and how society needs to support and embrace Autistic people as a cultural minority to better humanise, opposing the pathologising, medical “culture of autism”. Watch the recording of the seminar (staff and students only)

AAkanetDr Afiniki Akanet

Coventry GP Dr Afiniki Akanet spoke to us about her experiences working through the pandemic and shared her thoughts on how we can all refocus following this difficult time and make the most of opportunities that come our way. Watch a recording of the seminar.

Christopher Morrison

Dr Christopher Morrison

We were joined by Dr Christopher Morrison who talked about the work undertaken by GLADD (The Association of LGBTQ+ Doctors and Dentists) in trying to improve the health outcomes of LGBT+ people. Watch the recording of the seminar.

Louise Newson

Dr Louise Newson

We were joined by Dr Louise Newson who talked about being a menopause specialist and her own experiences of menopause. Watch the recording of the seminar.

Georgia Gray

Georgia Gray

Final year medical student Georgia Gray talked about her experience in medicine so far, and the challenges she has faced in both applying to medical school and then being accepted in the healthcare environment as a person with a disability. Watch the recording of the seminar.

Rebecca Kearney

Rebecca Kearney

Prof Kearney gave a talk entitled 'Can women have it all? Experience and perspective from a Professor with three children'. Watch the recording of the event.

Jacob Bayliss

Jacob Bayliss

Jacob is a trans man and campaigner for LGBT health and wellbeing equality. In this session he shared his experiences of the healthcare system and discuss how we can work together to tackle the challenges. Watch the recording of the event.

Lanre Sorinola

Professor Olanrewaju Sorinola and Dr Nariell Morrison

In this seminar we heard about what it means to be black in medicine. Staff and students can watch the Teams recording of the event.

Adam Layland

Adam Layland

Consultant Paramedic and Head of Commissioning at Health Education England

Adam told us about his career and what it means to be a gay man within the NHS. He spoke about the challenges he has faced and how he is able to bring his ‘whole self’ to work. Watch the Teams recording of the event.