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New starter case studies

Have you recently started at WMS? We'd love to introduce you to our community in the weekly newsletter. Just fill out this short form and we'll include an introduction in next week's edition. Here are a couple of examples:


Emanuele Valenti

Assistant Professor

I have joined WMS as an Assistant Professor in Mental Health and Wellbeing. I'm involved in a NIHR-funded project about mental capacity assessment led by Prof. Domenico Giacco: High-quality mental capacity assessments for HEalthcare decisions: improving Leadership, assessment Procedures, and service user Support (HELPS). I am the project manager, and I will also be involved in the data collection of all the work packages around which the project is designed. Find out more.


Olivia Geddes

Research Assistant
I have recently joined WMS as a research assistant in the GPNET-0 project. The project is a mixed-methods study, investigating how General Practices are currently contributing to decarbonisation. We'll conduct a systematic review, identifying what is understood about the processes, behaviours, and activities that support actions to reduce carbon emissions in general practice. The views of general practices will be elucidated through questionnaires, discovering how they currently perceive and take action to respond to climate change. Find out more.