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Olivia Geddes

Olivia Geddes

Research Assistant

Who I am and my role at WMS

I have recently joined WMS as a research assistant in the GPNET-0 project. The project is a mixed-methods study, investigating how General Practices are currently contributing to decarbonisation. We'll conduct a systematic review, identifying what is understood about the processes, behaviours, and activities that support actions to reduce carbon emissions in general practice. The views of general practices will be elucidated through questionnaires, discovering how they currently perceive and take action to respond to climate change.

A select number of practices will be followed further as they plan, and implement, decarbonisation actions and data will be collected on how they carry this out, challenges they faced, and how these were overcome. Patients will be interviewed in order to gather data on how these actions impact the patient experience.

This is my first role outside of studying, having completed my Masters in Environment and Human Health last year, so I'm incredibly excited to immerse myself within the project. The interdisciplinary nature of the study and its diverse range of members will provide an excellent opportunity for a varied range of learning and growth.

What attracted me to join WMS

The project itself was what brought me to Warwick; its topic aligned with my interests and academic background, and I knew I would be able to gain invaluable experience within the role. I aim to complete a PhD later in my career, and the skills and experience gained in this project would put me in a good position to do that.

Interests outside of work

Outside of work I love to travel and I'm an avid reader. I am a qualified ballet teacher, and try to attend classes as often as I can.