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Abhishek Shivappagowdar


Research Fellow

Who I am and my role at WMS

I joined the Warwick Medical School as a Research Fellow in February 2021. My role is to understand one of the basic characteristics of the world of life: the ability of a cell to split from one to two. This involves the usage of advanced techniques and fission yeast as a model organism. Prior to this, I have worked in the field of host-pathogen interaction and disease modelling.

What attracted me to join WMS

WMS is well known for its excellent research infrastructure. I have always had a passion for working in a diverse research environment. This department has a large number of researchers that are involved in both clinical and non-clinical science to find solutions to various problems. All three divisions at WMS, provide an ideal platform for basic research which can be integrated with clinical studies, taking it from bench to bedside.

My experience at WMS so far

My journey over the last two months has been very positive. Even in these difficult times, the university and department have made every effort to get my new job underway. The work environment is welcoming and encouraging. It provides me the flexibility to work on different projects and offers an ideal platform to grow and nurture ideas. I am excited to have started working at Warwick and truly believe this will be a fruitful experience.