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Paramdip Chohan


Senior Clinical Teaching Fellow

Who I am and my role at WMS

My name is Paramdip (Param) Chohan. I am a local GP and have recently been appointed as a Senior Clinical Teaching Fellow for Phase II (Year 2) of the MBChB course, at the University of Warwick. This is for a one-year fixed term. My role at WMS is varied and wide-ranging. The essence of the role is to support the Phase II lead in several areas including student support, curriculum planning and development, course design and delivery, assessment and delivery of teaching. Additionally, it involves close collaboration with theme and block leads, phase leads and the assessment team. Contribution to various review and quality assurance activities is also integral. As part of my clinical role I am currently working as a locum GP in the Coventry and Warwickshire area, having trained in this region.

What attracted me to join WMS

WMS is a prestigious institution. Having held a desire for medical education for some time I had recently completed a postgraduate certificate in medical education at Warwick and a MSc in primary care, as part of my academic GP training, at the University of Birmingham. I was at a stage in my career where I was keen to utilise the knowledge and skills gained in a formal, academic, medical education role. Having had contact with forward-thinking, innovative and passionate colleagues, currently working as medical educators at WMS, I knew that the working environment here would provide me with great learning and experience. Additionally, it would be a place in which I could provide a positive input. Therefore, when the Senior Clinical Teaching Fellow job was advertised, I felt that it was the perfect opportunity for me to develop myself as a medical educator. Although I knew that it would be challenging, the role requirement seemed to be set at the right level for my current experience and career development aspirations. The locality also suited me as I have grown up, trained and am still based in Warwickshire and the West Midlands. Training future doctors in the region where I carry out my clinical practice was also appealing.

My experience at WMS so far

The reality of working at WMS has not disappointed! The team have been extremely approachable and supportive. The job role is varied, ever-changing and challenging, something which I am thoroughly enjoying. Having settled in, I am involved in a range of Phase II activities including all aspects of assessment, curriculum and content design, student support and teaching. Specifically, this has included creating and editing material for formative and summative assessments, design, editing and delivery of case-based learning (CBL) material and assisting in re-design of aspects of the curriculum. Also, I have been involved in dealing with student related matters. Such tasks have allowed me to gain a great insight into life as a clinical medical educator and I have already developed a range of skills and competencies. Most importantly, it is reassuring to realise that carrying out the role is matching my expectations and should act as an ideal platform to further my career in this field.