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WMS Alumni

Improve healthcare

Discover how you can support Warwick researchers, enabling them to continue vital work to tackle some of the world's most challenging medical conditions.

male researcher in lab

Learn more about how Warwick researchers are working to save lives through medical research 

Stay in touch

Though you may have left the university, you'll always be part of the Warwick alumni community.

woman with laptop

Making sure you stay in touch only takes a couple of minutes, it's free of charge and there are lots of good reasons why you would want to remain in contact with us.

To find out more, and to register your details, visit Alumni & Friends.

Investing in the future

The insights, experiences and skills you gained at WMS and beyond have the potential to support and inspire current and future students.

Three people gathered around a computer

There are many ways you can help to inspire and support our current students, from 10 minutes to an hour, it all counts.