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BMS Seminar: The power of single-molecule fluorescence imaging to detect and quantify biomolecules in their biological context – from research to clinical applications, Dr Mariya Georgieva

Location: CSRL, UHCW

Abstract: ONI is an Oxford University spin-out founded in 2016 that has developed the world’s first desktop microscope sensitive enough to detect and localize individual fluorescent molecules. The Nanoimager provides unprecedented stability and flexibility to work in any lab environment, there is no need for a dark room or optical table, and it can even be used inside a biosafety cabinet. With its high sensitivity and integrated workflow, the Nanoimager is helping researchers address a wide range of biological questions, as diverse as the characterizion of protein complexes and the localization and tracking of single molecules, vesicles, nanoparticles or viruses.

At ONI, we aim to make super-resolution fluorescence microscopy easier and widely available to the scientific community. Our multi-disciplinary team of life scientists, microscopy experts, data scientists, software and mechanical engineers, is working with researchers around the world to revolutionize the way nanometric structures and molecules are studied, and further advance pathology diagnostics, therapy development and biomedical discovery.

Biography: Prior to joining ONI, Mariya Georgieva was a post-doctoral scientist in the group of Prof. Robert Klose in the Department of Biochemistry at Oxford University. Her work focused on studying the higher-order chromatin architecture variations and their interplay with transcription kinetics at Polycomb-regulated loci in Embryonic Stem Cells. During her doctoral studies at the Centre of Structural Biochemistry in Montpellier, France, Mariya developed super-resolution imaging workflows and analysis tools to study the chromatin conformations of transcriptionally active and inactive epigenetic states. Mariya has joined ONI in 2017 and is currently leading the Imaging and Business Development efforts in the team.

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