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Inaugural Lecture 2011

Christopher James

Christopher James

Date: 18 October 2011

Location: Medical Teaching Centre

Time: 6pm until 7pm, followed by a drinks reception

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Science: Fact or Fiction?


A biomedical engineer’s journey from measuring spikes to father of telepathy

This talk will chronicle a journey that goes from the business of making measurements from the human body to help tell something about that body, to trying to understand how the brain works, what it looks like when it doesn’t work, and what can be achieved when it does!

It looks at the connections that take one person from one side of the world to another, and from trying to understand the sick brain, to trying to learn from a functioning one. These connections multiply and grow and suddenly we are looking at behaviour – we go from “brain” to “mind”.

The biggest leap, however, is that which takes us to the alleged fatherhood of telepathy – together we can speculate on the realm we are dealing with – Science: Fact or Fiction?