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Inaugural lectures 2011

15 November 2011 Professor Jeremy Wyatt Professor of eHealth innovation, co-Director, Institute for Digital Healthcare Innovation in healthcare: can digital technologies really make the difference?
18 October 2011 Professor Christopher James Co-Director Institute of Digital Healthcare and Professor of Healthcare Technology Science: Fact or Fiction?
A biomedical engineer’s journey from measuring spikes to father of telepathy
13 September Professor Simon Murch Professor of Paediatric and Child Health Ancient Paths for Modern Kids
14 June Professor Annie Young Professor of Nursing From El Alamein to Berlin? a trail of trials
17 May Professor Dimitris Grammatopoulos Professor of Molecular Medicine Hormones (of stress), Heptahelical (proteins), Homeostatic (pathways) and other Greek words...
15 March Professor Aileen Clarke Professor How we know what we know and why we do what we do - Research, Evidence, Knowledge, Practice and Values in Healthcare
15 February Professor Siobhan Quenby Professor of Obstetrics Preventing pregnancy loss: A translational approach
18 January Professor Frances Griffiths Professor Medicine in Society: a complex mix