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Inaugural Lecture 2011

Professor Jeremy Wyatt

Jeremy Wyatt

Date: 15 November 2011

Location: Medical Teaching Centre

Time: 6pm until 7pm, followed by a drinks receptions

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Innovation in healthcare: can digital technologies really make the difference?

Governments, industry and development agencies worldwide are now trumpeting the promise of digital healthcare, while just a decade ago the National Programme for Information Technology stole the limelight. So, is this just a case of old wine in new bottles ? If so, have the Summary Care Record and Choose and Book systems of 2001 really matured into a mellower 2011 blend, more acceptable to clinicians and patients ?

In this lecture, I will review the innovation potential and realities of digital healthcare, reflecting on 25 years working with NICE public health professionals, engineer vintners, statisticians, cognitive and computer scientists concocting exotic information mixes and humdrum data extracts in Silicon Valley data warehouses and cellars across four countries.

My conclusion is that - while digital healthcare certainly does have great potential to improve access to safer, more efficient healthcare - more rigorous evaluation is needed to discover the recipe for a better cocktail mixing information technology, people and organisations.