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API Deltavision Elite DV1

DV1 is a widefield deconvolution microscope from Applied Precision Instruments (API). DV1 is optimised for live-cell, multi-colour fluorescence experiments and, combined with the in-built autofocus, is particularly suited to overnight timelapse imaging of cells and sub-cellular components. The image acquisition software (softWoRx) has deconvolution functionality which can be deployed to increase contrast and resolution and improve optical sectioning.

Located in MCBB room L1.23.

Hardware details for methods reporting in publications.


Objectives 100x oil, 60x oil, 40x oil, 20x air
LEDs 405 nm, 488 nm, 561nm, 640 nm
FRAP 410 nm, 532 nm
Cameras Photometrics CoolSNAP HQ interline CCD
Stage motorised xyz
Incubation 37 degrees, CO2
Filters DAPI, CFP, FITC, GFP, YFP, TRITC, mCherry, Cy5
Autofocus Hardware-based autofocus