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DV1 methods reporting

Microscope (Make, Model) Applied Precision, DeltaVision Elite
Inverted or upright Inverted
Objective: manufacturer, magnification, numerical aperture, immersion, correction (if any)

Select the one/s used:

Olympus, 100x, 1.40, oil, UPlanSApo

Olympus, 60x, 1.40, oil, PlanApo N

Olympus, 40x, 1.40, oil, UPlanXApo (Jan 2023) old: Olympus, 40x, 1.30, oil, UPlanFL N

Olympus, 20x, 0.75, air, UPlanSApo

Light source(s)

Insight SSI 7 colour light engine - old. This has now (late 2022?) been replaced with a Spectra X Light Engine.

Excitation wavelengths, select the one/s used:

DAPI: 390/18

CFP: 438/24

GFP/FITC: 475/28

YFP: 510/10

TRITC: 543/27

mCherry: 576/25

CY-5: 632/11

Filters, dichroic mirrors, beam splitters

Select the one/s used:


Quad: Reflection 381-401:464-492:531-556:619-644 Transmission 409-456:500-523:564-611:652-700

Quad-mCh: Reflection 381-401:464-492:561-590:625-644 Transmission 409-456:500-553:598-617:652-700

C/YFP/mCh: Reflection 400-454:496-528:558-593 Transmission 463-487:537-550:602-648

Filter sets:

DAPI: ex 390/18 em 435/48

CFP: ex 438/24 em 475/24

FITC/GFP: ex 475/28 em 525/48

YFP: ex 514/17 em 548/22

TRITC: ex 575/25 em 597/45

mCherry: ex 575/25 em 625/45

CY-5: ex 632/22 em 679/34

More filter information available on request. channel set-up not yet available
Additional hardware used, e.g., stage motor, incubation chamber and set-up, Piezo stage or objective

Olympus IX-71

Precision Control microscope incubator

Tokai Hit stage top incubator

Applied Precision motorised xyz stage

Quantitative Laser Module for FRAP

Applied Precision Ultimate Focus autofocus module

Acquisition software and settings softWoRx v5.5.0
Camera manufacturer, model Photometrics CoolSNAP HQ interline CCD