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Methods Reporting

Microscope (Make, Model) Applied Precision, Personal DeltaVision
Inverted or upright Inverted
Objective: manufacturer, magnification, numerical aperture, immersion, correction (if any)

Select the one/s used:

Olympus, 100x, 1.40, oil, UPlanSApo

Olympus, 60x, 1.42, oil, PlanApo N

Olympus, 40x, 1.30, oil, UPlanFL N

Olympus, 20x, 0.85, oil, UPlanSApo

Olympus, 10x, 0.4, air, UPlanSApo

Olympus, 4x, 0.1, air, Plan N

Light source(s)

Lumencor SPECTRA X light engine

Excitation wavelengths, select the one/s used:

DAPI: 395/25

CFP: 440/20

GFP: 470/24

YFP: 510/25

mCherry: 575/25

CY-5: 640/30

Filters, dichroic mirrors, beam splitters

Select the one/s used:


Quad: Reflection 381-401:464-492:531-556:619-644 Transmission 409-456:500-523:564-611:652-700

GFP/mCh: Reflection 464-492:561-590 Transmission 500-553:598-617

C/YFP: Reflection 400-454:496-528 Transmission 463-487:537-550

Filter sets:

DAPI: ex 387/11 em 457/50

CFP: ex 430/24 em 525/50

GFP: ex 470/40 em 525/50

YFP: ex 500/20 em 535/30

TRITC: ex 575/25 em 597/45

mCherry: ex 572/28 em 632/60

CY-5: ex 640/14 em 685/40

More filter information available on request. channel set-up not yet available
Additional hardware used, e.g., stage motor, incubation chamber and set-up, Piezo stage or objective

Olympus IX-71

Precision Control microscope incubator

Tokai Hit stage top incubator

Applied Precision motorised xyz stage

Acquisition software and settings softWoRx v5.5.1
Camera manufacturer, model Photometrics CoolSNAP HQ2 interline CCD