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MPE methods reporting

Microscope (Make, Model) Olympus FVMPE-RS
Inverted or upright Inverted
Objective: manufacturer, magnification, numerical aperture, immersion, correction (if any)

Select the one/s used:

Olympus 60x, 1.3, silicone, Super Apochromat (SAPO)

Olympus, 60x, 1.42, oil, UPlanXApo

Olympus, 30x, 1.05, silicone, UPlanSApo IR

Olympus, 20x, 0.5, UPlanFLN

Olympus, 10x, 0.3, UPlanFLN

Light source(s)

Spectra-Physics InSight X3

- 690-1300 nm tuneable range

- <120 fs pulse width

MaiTai HP DS-OL 690-1040 nm tunable range

- 690-1040 nm tunable range

- <100 fs pulse width

Filters, dichroic mirrors, beam splitters

Select the one/s used:

Beam combiners:

Filter sets:

FV30-FVG (em 410-455, 495-540, DM 495)

FV30-FCY (em 460-500, 520-560, DM 505)

FV30-FGR (em 495-540, 575-645, DM 570)

FV30-FRCY5 (em 575-645, 660-750, DM 650)

SHG/GFP (em 397-412, 500-540, DM 495)

NADH (em 420-500, 515, 560, DM 505) channel set-up not yet available
Additional hardware used, e.g., stage motor, incubation chamber and set-up, Piezo stage or objective

Olympus IX83

Galvanometric scanner

hybrid resonant-Galvo scanner

CellVIVO incubator with CO2 enrichment

Olympus motorised stage

Mad City Labs piezo insert

SIM scanner photomanipulation system

Olympus TruFocus zero drift compensation system

PicoQuant LSM FLIM upgrade kit

- MultiHarp 150 TCSPC module

- 2x PMA Hybrid 40 mod detectors

Acquisition software and settings


SymPhoTime 64

Detector manufacturer, model

2x GaAsP non-descanned detectors

2x Multialkali non-descanned detectors