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Olympus MPE

The Olympus MPE is a multiuser multiphoton microscope funded by a BBSRC ALERT grant.

Multiphoton microscopy allows allows imaging at much greater depth than standard single-photon fluorescence imaging. It is the gold-standard for imaging in thick tissues. The Olympus/Evident MPE comes with two broad-spectrum femtosecond pulsed lasers, a piezo stage, and a resonant scanner, making it ideal for imaging multiple fluorophores at high speed. It also has an additional scanner for simultaneous photomanipulation of the smaple while imaging.

The system comes with fluorescence lifetime imaging (FLIM) capabilities from PicoQuant for quantitative biosensing experiments. The MPE is fully motorised and has an incubator, making it excellent for imaging live samples, in particular embryos and tissues.

Located in the basement of IBRB in room IBRB03.

Hardware details for methods reporting in publications.

Absorption spectra of some dyes (no promises on the reliability of these papers):

Excel table from UofRochester

See for other dyes and fluorescent proteins.

Booking rules for MPE.

Please acknowledge the below funding in your publications, in addition to following the usual CAMDU acknowledgment policy.

BBSRC BB/T018070/1


Objectives 60x silicone, 60x oil, 30x silicone, 20x air, 10x air
Lasers 2 x fs pulsed lasers tunable from 690-1300 nm
FRAP All available wavelengths
Detectors 2x PMTs, 2x GaAsPs
Stage motorised xyz
Incubation Up to 37 degrees and CO2 (contact CAMDU if you want to use CO2)
Filters Options available for GFP/RFP, CY5, SHG, NADH
Autofocus Hardware-based autofocus

Located in room IBRB03 in the Interdisciplinary Biomedical Research Building.

If you are interested in using this system please contact for further information.