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The Q-Phase is a holographic microscope from Telight.

This page is in construction, please contact Maelle if you want to try this microscope.

Located in MCBB room L1.22.

Optical configuration.

Hardware details for methods reporting in publications - To be updated.


Objectives 4x air, 10x air, 20x air, 40x air, 60x oil
Light source
LED Lumencor Spectra, 660 nm
Sample holders
1x microscopic slide, 2x 35mm dishes, 1 multi-well plate
Cameras CMOs Allied Vision Alvium 1800 U-2040m , sCMOs Tucsen Dhyana 400BSI V3
Stage Motorised xyz
Incubation 37 degrees, CO2
Filters DAPI /FITC /TRITC, GFP/mCherry
Autofocus Hardware-based autofocus