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Warwick Chronotherapy Group

What is chronotherapy?

We have clocks within our cells that govern the metabolism of drugs. So some drugs are best given at night and others during the day. Watch this short film to find out more.

What are circadian rhythmns?

Discover more about the biological processes we're researching and why learning more about our body clocks and tapping into this knowledge could improve health outcomes.

Research Projects

Through our research we have found chronotherapy is reducing the toxicity of treatments and improving the quality of life of patients because it respects the circadian rhythms of the patients.

We perform molecular, physiological, pharmacology, mathematical, statistical, translational and clinical research, and contribute to the development of new technologies. Toward these goals, our research encompasses the use of in vitro, in vivo and mathematical models as well as big data and clinical trials.

Find out more about our work