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Lab Members

Current Lab Members

The “present” Chrono Group members in March 2019.

Chrono Group March 2019

Dr Robert Dallmann

Bob Trained as a circadian biologist and in vivo pharmacologist, my research is focused on the interplay between the intricate internal timing system significantly modulating most physiological processes, and disease and pharmacotherapy. Understanding - on a mechanistic level - how circadian disruption can lead to and influence disease progression and treatment is the main focus. The perspective of his work include to significantly improve already existing treatment options and to aid in the development of new drugs.

Orcid Profile

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Ewan Stephenson

Ewan Stephenson Ewan is a student in the ARAP programme of WMS and is co-supervised by Profs Tergaonkar (A*STAR) and Virshup (Duke-NUS/A*STAR).

Ewan is a student in the ARAP programme of WMS and is co-supervised by Profs Tergaonkar (A*STAR) and Virshup (NUS/A*STAR).

PhD student

Laura Usselmann

Laura Usselmann Laura is an MRC DTP student and co-supervised by Dr. Sascha Ott (Computer Sciences, University of Warwick).
MRC DTP, PhD student

Lauren Garbutt

Lauren Garbutt Lauren is a joint PhD student with Prof Dale, SLS, University of Warwick.
MRC DTP, PhD student

Rachael Ralphs

Rachael rejoins the lab after a summer internship in 20219 as SLS MBio MSc student who will work on a clocks project together with Sam Dean and us.

Master Student

Tom Hancox

Tom is an MIBTP PhD student in a collaborative project between his primary supervisor Prof. Warwick Dunn at Birmingham University and Prof. Debra Skene at Surrey.

MIBTP, PhD student

Zijin Zhang

Zijin Zhang Zijin is a jointly supervised PhD student with Sadler Group

(Chemistry, University of Warwick) working on chronotherapeutic effects of novel metallodrugs.

PhD student, Chancellor Scholar

Former Lab Member

PhD students

  • Dr. Kristin Abraham, 2015-2018


  • Dr. Swati A. Kumar (honoris causa), 2017-2020
  • Dr. Matei Bolborea, 2016-2018
  • Dr. Hadi Putra, 2018

Project Students

  • Korbinian Nierdermüller, Erasmus+ student from Würzburg, Germany, 2020
  • Hannah Morgan, SSC2 Medical Student, 2019
  • Jess Szeto, MRCDTP, 2019
  • Joseph Parker, MIBTP, 2019
  • Vasiliki Kafourou, MIBTP, 2018
  • Angus Hamilton, SSC2 Medical Student, 2017

Summer Students & Interns

  • Inbar Kushnir, URSS Student, 2019
  • Rachael Ralph, QBP Summer Student, 2019
  • Rilind Berisha, URSS Student, 2018
  • Suzi Mishima, Work Experience Student, 2018
  • Raveena Ray, Nuffield Programme Summer Student, 2017
  • Megan Littlejohn, Work Experience Student, 2016