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Siobhan Quenby

· I am a Professor of Obstetrics/Honorary Consultant at University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire /University of Warwick. I am clinically active as part of the Obstetric team. I run recurrent miscarriage, implantation and preterm prevention clinics dedicated to the management of and research into recurrent pregnancy loss prevention.

· I have over twenty years of experience in research into implantation and recurrent miscarriage and have published over 120 original articles and 22 chapters for academic books.


· I am now a deputy director of the Tommy’s National Early Miscarriage Research Center (

· I am the co-ordinator of the ESHRE Special Interest Group in Early Pregnancy, a member of the executive committee of the Association of Early Pregnancy Units, chair of the RCOG early pregnancy clinical study group and a member of the MHRA -Expert advisory panel member for women’s health.

· I have also worked on a EU funded project in Malawi, preventing pregnancy loss through teaching clinical officers.

· The team of research midwives I lead are excellent at recruiting to portfolio trials and always recruited at one of the highest rates for those trials we participate in.

· My research is currently funded by NIHR, University hospitals, Coventry and the medical charity Tommy’s Campaign.

· I have successfully supervised 10 MD thesis, 4 PHD’s and 3 Mphil theses. I have been external examiner for over 30 theses in nearly all UK medical schools and examined in Ireland and the Netherlands.

Selected publications:

1. Tang A-W, Alfirevic Z, Turner MA, Drury J, Small R, Quenby S, A feasibility trial of screening women with idiopathic recurrent miscarriage for high uterine natural killer cell density and randomising to prednisolone or placebo when pregnant Human Reproduction (2013) 28(7):1743-52.

2. Kuroda K, Venkatakrishnan R, James S, Šućurović S, Mulac-Jericevic B, Lucas ES, Takeda S, Shmygol A, Brosens JJ, Quenby S. Elevated peri-implantation uterine natural killer cell density in human endometrium is associated with impaired corticosteroid signaling in decidualizing stromal cells JCEM 2013 Nov;98(11):4429-37

3. Chiswick C, Reynolds R, Denison F, Drake AJ, Forbes S, Newby DE, BR, Quenby S, Wray S, Weeks A, Lashen H, Rodriguez A, Murray G, Whyte S, Norman J. Metformin and maternal and fetal outcomes in obese pregnant women (EMPOWaR): a randomised double blind placebo controlled trial Lancet Diabetes and Endocrinology 2015: S2213-8587(15)00219-3

4. Coomarasmy A, Williams H, Truchanowicz E, Seed P, Small R, Quenby S, Gupta P, Dawood F, Koot YE, Goddijn M, Bender Atik R, Bloemenkamp KWM, Brady R, Briley A, Cavallaro R, CheongYC, Chu J, Essex H, Ewies A, Hoek A, Kaaijk EM, Koks CA, Li TC, MacLean M, Mol BW, Moore J, Parrott S, RossJ, Sharpe L, Steart J, Trepel D, Farquharson R, Kilby M, Khalaf Y, Regan L, Rai First trimester progesterone therapy in women with a history of unexplained miscarriages A randomised, double blind, placebo controlled international multicentre trial and economic evalutation (PROMISE) R NEJM 2015 in press