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Education within BMS


Within Biomedical Sciences, we contribute to a wide range of WMS modules and courses including:

We are also involved in some teaching in the School of Life Sciences. Discover more about BMS colleagues who teach below.

Prof Geraldine Hartshorne


Professor Hartshorne is involved in our medical programme, the MBChB, as a lecturer, personal tutor and SSC2 (Student Selected Component) supervisor. She also lectures final year students of the Biomedical Sciences BSc in the School of Life Sciences. She is a PhD co-supervisor.

In a clinical capacity, she is a project supervisor for students on the School of Life Sciences' MBio and is a research project supervisor on the Scientist Training Programme (STP) for Clinical Embryology.

She is also an examiner for The Royal College of Pathologists, an assessor for APP EXP and external examiner for MSc Clinical Embryology.

Dr Leda Mirbahai


Leda is the Medical Science Theme lead for Warwick Medical School's BSc Health and Medical Sciences. She contributes to the MB ChB programme as a Case Based Learning facilitator and is a personal tutor and an SSC2 (Student Selected Component) project supervisor. She also gives lectures to our medical students on the topics of ageing and epigenetics of cancer.

Dr Dawn Collins


Dawn teaches neurobiology and neuropharmacology for WMS and is involved in teaching on the Health and Medical Sciences (HMS) BSc course. She is co-lead for the Wellbeing module and Advanced Cases and is Lead for CBL for HMS. She contributes to teaching on the MB ChB in Phase 1 and 2 and is personal tutor for theMBChB and HMS courses, and Senior tutor for the undergraduate courses in WMS. She also teaches neuroscience for the IATL module 'Navigating Psychopathology'.

Dr Anne Green


Anne's main role is Academic Lead for MB ChB Phase I. She is Academic Lead for the Learning Medicine Block of MB ChB Phase I and teaches gastrointestinal and liver physiology on the Health, Metabolism and Homeostasis Block of MB ChB Phase I. She also teaches gastrointestinal and liver pharmacology on the Pharmacology, Prescribing and Therapeutics theme of the MB ChB course

Prof Vinod Patel


Vinod is the Clinical Skills Theme Lead for all Phases of the
MBChB. He is the module lead for the Assistantship (Phase III) and lectures as part of this module and is also a SSC1 module lead for Middlemarch, which is a self-selected module taught to Phase II students.

Vinod is involved in clinical teaching in the trusts for Phases 2-4 – in particular he is a partnership consultant for students at George Eliot who are doing the Care of the Medical Patient block.

Dr Daniel Mitchell

Daniel is Academic Lead for the MB ChB Pharmacology, Prescribing and Therapeutics Theme and is also Academic Lead for the MBChB Academic Days (covering 23 of the 53 Case-Based Learning cases within the whole MB ChB). He also delivers the following lectures/sessions within the MB ChB Phase I in the following areas:
  • "Introduction to Pharmacology" - Learning Medicine Week
  • "Pharmacology of Drugs Acting on the Kidney" - MB ChB Phase I Block 1 (Health, Metabolism and Homeostasis)
  • Block 1 Round-up tutorials
  • "Pharmacology of Airway Disease" - MB ChB Phase I Block 2 (Blood, Lungs and Heart)
  • "Pharmacology of Cardiac Disease" - MB ChB Phase I Block 2 (Blood, Lungs and Heart)
  • Block 2 Round-up tutorials

Dr Helen Jones


Helen is the lead for Block 2: Bloods, Lungs and Heart on the MB ChB course. She is involved in various Phase I and II teaching activities including lecture delivery, group work, case-based learning, and is a personal tutor.

Dr Claire Bastie


Claire is the Course Director for the MSc in Interdisciplinary Biomedical Research (IBR) and actively contributes to the MRC-funded Doctoral in Training Partnership (MRC-DTP). She also delivers lectures on metabolism in health and disease to students on the MSc in IBR course, and co-organises MRC-DTP cohort events. Claire will also lead and lecture in the Year 2 module “Food: Nutrition & Malnutrition” on the new BSc Health and Medical Sciences programme.

Claire is a PhD co-supervisor and MSc co-supervisor.

Prof (Col) Mark Bailey


Professor Bailey is a military consultant physician in infectious diseases & tropical medicine. He teaches the immunology & infection components of the MBChB course and runs an SSC1 in infectious diseases & tropical medicine. He also teaches on the BSc Health & Medical Sciences course and a variety of smaller courses. He has previously supervised SSC2 & PhD research projects.

He is an external examiner for the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (LSTM), the Royal College of Physicians (RCP) Diploma in Tropical Medicine & Hygiene (DTM&H), the Royal College of Physicians & Surgeons of Glasgow (RCPSG) Faculty of Travel Medicine, the Society of Apothecaries Diploma in the Medical Care of Catastrophes (DMCC) and the RCP MRCP PACES examination.

Dr Nick Hopcroft

Dr Nick Hopcroft’s main role is as Academic Lead for Cell and Tissue Biomedicine across all phases of the MB ChB, a theme which covers biochemistry, cell biology, physiology and related disciplines. He contributes directly to teaching in Welcome Week and lectures on a range of topics across Phase I and Phase II, including metabolism, endocrinology and genetics.

He is also currently the lead for the Phase 1 MBChB Health, Metabolism and Homeostasis block (Block 1), as well as teaching on the BSc Health and Medical Sciences and MMedEd degrees. He is a member of the WMS Education Committee and co-chairs the Module and Postgraduate Awards Approval Committee (MPAC) with respect to undergraduate modules.

Mark Richards

Mark teaches in Phase I and Phase II of the MB ChB course and is part of the Cell and Tissue Biomedicine Team. Mark is involved in various teaching activities including delivering lectures, groupwork, case-based learning and is a personal tutor. He is the Lead for Block 3: Brain and Behaviour in Phase I.

A Lyons

Anthony Lyons

Anthony brings a wealth of knowledge and a diverse teaching background to WMS and is looking forward to teaching various topics on the Health and Medical Sciences BSc as well as being module lead for the second year module on Interactions: Environment and Genes.

Over the last few years, Anthony has taught in Keele University School of Medicine and Ross University School of Medicine, Barbados. While teaching interests have broadened over the last number of years, he has always stayed true to his biochemistry roots.

Anthony earned a degree and PhD in Biochemistry from University College Cork, Ireland. Following his PhD, he worked as a postdoctoral researcher in Trinity College Dublin, Ireland, where he was the recipient of a prestigious Irish Health Research Board Fellowship. His research focused on neuroinflammatory changes in ageing and neurodegenerative conditions.