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Biomedical Sciences


Our research programme in Translational and Experimental Medicine integrates laboratory-based biologists, chemists, engineers and clinicians with computer-based mathematicians, statisticians and data analysts to exploit knowledge derived from fundamental discovery science to develop novel or innovative drugs, devices, techniques and treatments and to provide public health advice for improving the clinical outcomes for patients. The work of the unit is particularly focused on reproductive medicine, metabolic disease and on novel cancer therapy and delivery systems.

Biomedical Sciences News

Evolutionary transcriptomics implicates new genes and pathways in human pregnancy and adverse pregnancy outcomes

Dr Joanne Muter and Professor Jan Brosens collaborated with researchers in Chicago and Buffalo, USA, in a study that used comparative transcriptomics to reconstruct the evolutionary history of gene expression in the pregnant endometrium. The study identified hundreds of genes that were gained or lost in the womb lining of primate and human lineages. Genes that evolved to be expressed at the maternal-fetal interface in the human lineage were enriched for immune functions and diseases, such as preterm birth and pre-eclampsia. Read the paper here


Siobhan Quenby, Professor of Obstetrics, tells us about her research into recurrent miscarriage and the importance of helping women before they become pregnant.