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Valuing our Community

Valuing our Community

This has one over-riding sub-theme: that of collegiality, citizenship and collaboration:

We are seeking to create a ‘community of excellence’ that supports, drives and motivates all towards reaching their full potential and delivering the best research, whilst also enjoying the journey! A positive, inclusive and respectful, or courteous, culture is central to this.

The roadmap has been created by the community for the needs of the community. If you wish to provide feedback on this page and the content please do so here.

Objective 4: To provide and promote opportunities for active engagement across the school. 

Objective 5: To recognise and reward where colleagues actively engage with the community, helping each other to succeed. 

Objective 6: To enhance opportunities to develop strong relationships and collaborative opportunities across the school, the university, and beyond. 


  • Promote networking and both formal and informal collaborative opportunities across the research community
  • Establish a community-driven ‘Research Culture - Rewards and Recognition’ initiative
  • Improve the connectivity between research and education across the school through improved alignment, greater transparency of opportunities, and cross-fertilisation that enhances both student and staff experiences
  • Engage with the community to establish an informal ‘Buddying Scheme’ for new starters
  • Increase visibility of Research, Research Opportunities, and Research Culture Activities
  • Grow the WMS/SLS ‘Enhancing Research Culture Community of Practice’ to share best practice