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Developing an on-line holistic needs assessment for patients with bladder cancer

We are designing a bladder cancer online digital resource designed to help patients identify and share their individual needs, requirements and challenges with their healthcare professionals and find information and support. This resource is being developed in the same format as our ‘tried and tested’ version for patients with prostate cancer. It is a cancer specific online holistic needs assessment (csHNA) and is a type of adaptive online questionnaire which also contains links to further information. Once patients have completed the questionnaire, results can be viewed by both patients and their healthcare professional ahead of a clinical appointment and are used to help guide the discussion.

To develop the csHNA we are exploring both patient questionnaires currently used in bladder cancer, and results from existing research into the needs and requirements of bladder cancer patients to generate information for inclusion. The final questionnaire will be developed with input and guidance from two rounds of patient and public involvement (PPI) and help from both nurses and patient representatives.

Funded by

Action Bladder Cancer (ABC)

Research team members

Dr Veronica Nanton - Chief Investigator

Julia Roscoe - Research Associate

Rebecca Appleton - Research Associate

Lisa Hall - Macmillan Adviser

Phil Kelly - PPI Representative


May 2019 to March 2020 

External Links

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