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Longitudinal Study of the effects of rapid change on staff work and wellbeing during the coronavirus pandemic at Marie Curie West Midlands hospice

The study builds on findings from an initial survey in April 2020 exploring the effects on staff work and well-being of rapid change due to the coronavirus pandemic at MCHWM. The longitudinal study repeats the survey and includes follow-up interviews to explore the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on staff well-being over a sustained period of time. The literature indicates that the interpersonal and emotional impact of working through a (inter)national healthcare emergency, may have immediate and longer-term impacts upon staff well-being and experiences of work.

Funded by:

Marie Curie

Research team members:

John I MacArtney


Rachel Perry, Research Nurse, Marie Curie West Midlands Hospice


January 2021 – December 2021


Dr John I MacArtney

john dot macartney at warwick dot ac dot uk