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A secondary analysis of a multisite staff survey exploring the effects of rapid change on hospice staff work and well-being during the coronavirus pandemic

Between April and June 2020 three hospices separately conducted a survey of staff to evaluate how they were experiencing the rapid changes to their work and how this might be affecting their wellbeing.

The aim of this study is to draw on these existing multi-site qualitative survey data collected during the COVID-19 pandemic to identify opportunities and challenges to supporting hospice staff wellbeing and work.

This study will provide a much-needed understanding of the effects of rapid and substantial change upon hospice staff while working during a pandemic.

Funded by:

Marie Curie

Research team members:

John I MacArtney


Rachel Perry, Research Nurse (Marie Curie West Midlands Hospice)

Gemma Clarke, Marie Curie Senior Research Fellow (University of Leeds)

Tracey McConnell, Marie Curie Senior Research Fellow (Queen's University Belfast)


November 2020 – December 2021 


Dr John MacArtney

john dot macartney at warwick dot ac dot uk