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Pharmacy-Based Sexual Health Services in the UK

Worldwide, more than a million people acquire a sexually transmitted infection daily and 214 million people have an unmet need for contraception. Hence, sexual health is a major global public health priority. Pharmacies have the potential to improve access to sexual health services by virtue of their numerous locations and presence of trained healthcare staff. However, there remains considerable scope for developing pharmacy services further. The literature on evaluating pharmacy-based sexual health services is limited and little is known about what influences pharmacists or service users as well as the barriers and enablers for these services. This study aims to investigate the delivery optimisation of pharmacy-based sexual health services. First, the delivery and impact of pharmacy-based sexual health services will be evaluated using a systematic review. Secondly, previously collected quantitative data on pharmacy users, provided by a sexual health provider in the West Midlands, will be analysed using descriptive statistics. Thirdly, this secondary analysis will inform a qualitative exploration of the barriers and enablers to the delivery of pharmacy-based sexual health services, using semi-structured interviews with pharmacists, pharmacy healthcare assistants and pharmacy users. By synthesising all the research findings, recommendations for the delivery optimisation of pharmacy-based sexual health services will be provided, which have the potential to improve healthcare provision.

Funded by

The University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust

PhD Student

Julia Gauley


Dr Helen Atherton (Warwick Medical School); Prof Jonathan Ross (University Hospitals Birmingham)


Two students from Warwick Medical School, Isobel Hall and Irekanmi Soda, were involved into the systematic review on pharmacy-based sexual health services.


From October 2017 to October 2020

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