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Listen here, to Violet, co-production member tell us about co-production:


"Co-production is shared power, shared responsibility, shared knowledge . It is different levels of expertise coming together and sharing experiences, sharing knowledge to make sure we conduct research that is relevant to populations, their needs, the current state of those populations and identifying gaps, identifying inefficient practices that are not currently working or identifying those problems and seeing how the different levels of expertise that we bring in knowledge can help populations and better inform research that is relevant ,timely, current and and enables us to change policies an frameworks that better serve those populations , communities, systems and constantly move us forward with innovating and improving continually."


"Co-producing a research project is an approach in which researchers, practitioners and the public, work together sharing power and responsibility from the start to the end of the project including the generation of knowledge." - INVOLVE (2018)

Click here to Meet the Co-production groupLink opens in a new window:

Tony Kelly, Expert by Experience

Dr. Ify Sargeant, Expert by Experience

Shane Ward, Expert by Experience

Dionne Gravesande, Expert by Experience

Roy McFarlane, Expert by Experience

Violet Effiom, Clinical Research Data Officer

Lorna Hollowood ,Associate Professor of Nursing, University of Birmingham

Dr. Esther Mukuka, Head of Research Inclusion, NIHR

Taiwo Owatemi, Member of Parliament (MP) for Coventry North West