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PhD Students

Hei Hang Edmund Yiu

edmundHei Hang Edmund Yiu is a current PhD student in Health Economics in the Medical School at University of Warwick. His PhD focus is to develop a preliminary U.K. preference-based valuation set (tariff) for the Short Warwick-Edinburgh Mental Well-being Scale (SWEMWBS), in order to allow estimation of Mental Well-being Adjusted Life Years (MWALYs). The premise is that concerns have been raised regarding the sensitivity of the widely used quality-adjusted life year (QALY) metric to value mental health benefits. An alternative outcome measure is required due to an increasing interest in the promotion of mental well-being. The utility valuation set for mental well-being states generated by this research has the potential to inform the practicality of applying the proposed valuation protocol in the full valuation study within the U.K.

Edmund is now recruiting for the quantitative phase of his study. Please find his recruitment advertisement below:

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Edmund presented the poster below at the WMS Virtual Postgraduate Research Symposium on Wednesdays 30th September 2020 and won in the Health Sciences/Clinical Trials Divisions

edmund winning poster

Education background


Bachelor of Business Administration in Business Economics (First Class Honours), Department of Economics & Finance, College of Business, City University of Hong Kong


Master of Science (MSc) in Economics (Distinction), Department of Economics, Faculty of Social Science, The University of Warwick, United Kingdom

Current teaching

EC343: Topics in Applied Economics (Seminar)


Petrou, S., Yiu, H. H. & Kwon, J. (2019) Economic consequences of preterm birth: a systematic review of the recent literature (2009–2017). Archives of disease in childhood, 104 (5): 456-465.

El-Banna, A., Petrou, S., Yiu, H. H. E., Daher, S., Forrester, D., Scourfield, J., Wilkins, D., Evans, R., Turley, R. & Wallace, S. (2021) Systematic review of economic evaluations of children’s social care interventions. Children and Youth Services Review, 121 105864.

Michelle Yao

Michelle Yao is a 2nd Year PhD student in Warwick Medical School.

Her research is titled: Developing comprehensive Emergency Medical Services (EMS) in Sub-Saharan Africa: Assessment of needs and estimation of expected health and economic outcomes in Ghana.

She is supervised by Dr Lazaros Andronis and Professor Olalekan Uthman.

About Her research:

Her research seeks to produce coherent, evidence-based information on the value, opportunities and barriers to developing modern Emergency Ambulatory Services (EAS) infrastructure in Ghana. It explores the needs and expected benefits of such services and aims to inform policy through recommendations on ways to maximise returns (e.g. avoided maternal mortality, reduced inequality, enhanced productivity) from a given budget.

Shedding light on this area will urge developing healthcare systems to acknowledge, consider and account for the findings of this research. This research will also strives to provide literature that could be revolutionary in the development of EAS in other sub-Saharan African countries.

Education Background


Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Business and Law (First Class Honours), Coventry University, United Kingdom


Master of Science (MSc) in Healthcare Operational Management, University of Warwick, United Kingdom


Ruoxi Pan

Ruoxi Pan will be a PhD student in Health Economics in the Medical School at University of Warwick. Ruoxi will work on an interdisciplinary project that intersects economics/econometrics and health care. Through her PhD, Ruoxi will be looking to study and understand the factors that influence the health and healthcare-seeking decisions Chinese middle-aged and older people make. Additional questions will focus on what type of factors exert the greatest influence on utilisation in general and utilisation of specific services. Findings of this PhD are expected to offer insights into the determinants of health care service utilisation in middle-aged and elderly Chinese. Such insights are a prerequisite to formulating and initiating policy responses to ensure the viability of the Chinese health care system.

Education background


Bachelor of Economics, School of Economics, Sichuan University, China.


Master of Science (MSc) in International Health Policy (Health Economics), Department of Health Policy, The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), United Kingdom.