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Research by Clinical Area: Cancer


Exercise to prevent shoulder conditions in patients undergoing breast cancer treatment: The Prevention Of Shoulder Problems Study

The PROSPER trial aims to prevent shoulder problems in women treated for breast cancer. The trial will investigate the clinical and cost-effectiveness of early supervised exercise compared to usual care, on outcomes of shoulder/arm function, health-related quality of life, chronic pain and other postoperative complications, following treatment for breast cancer. Please visit the study's website here.

HE lead: Stavros Petrou, Alastair Canaway PI: Julie Bruce

SELECT-Dselect d

Duration of anticoagulation therapy in SELECTeD patients with advanced cancer at risk of recurrence of venous thromboembolism

SELECT-D is an integrated, primary and secondary health care sector-led, Phase III, prospective, randomised, open-label, multi-centre pilot study comparing Dalteparin versus Rivaroxaban with a second placebo-controlled randomisation comparing the duration of anticoagulation therapy (six months versus indefinite treatment) in residual vein thrombosis [RVT] positive (+ve) patients. This is a UK-wide trial, directed by Warwick Medical School, University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire, West Midlands South Comprehensive Local Research Network, Thames Valley and West Midlands South Primary Care Research Network. Please find more information about the study here.

HE: Stavros Petrou, Mandy Maredza PI: Annie Young, Andrea Marshall Funder: Bayer plc