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Estimating and including the value of children’s time in economic evaluation

Meet the Team

Principal Investigator:

Dr Lazaros AndronisLink opens in a new window (University of Warwick)

Collaborating Investigator:

Mr Cameron MorganLink opens in a new window (University of Warwick)

Close Collaborators:

Professor Cam DonaldsonLink opens in a new window (Glasgow Caledonian University and Australian National University)

Professor Emily LancsarLink opens in a new window (Australian National University)

Professor Stavros PetrouLink opens in a new window (University of Oxford)

NIHR Young Research Champions GroupLink opens in a new window

Advisory Group:

Professor Joanna Coast (University of BristolLink opens in a new window)

Professor Kirsten Howard (University of SydneyLink opens in a new window)

Professor Hareth Al-Janabi (University of BirminghamLink opens in a new window)

Professor Anne-Marie Slowther (University of WarwickLink opens in a new window)

Our Research


There are 14 million children and young people (CYP) up to 18 years of age in the UK and, every year, we spend billions on programmes, services and care provided to them. To decide which programmes should be funded from the public purse, policy makers increasingly consult economic evaluations. These are detailed studies that sum up and compare all the resources used and benefits arising from different programmes competing for funding.

The amount of personal time people give up to receive care is a relevant resource and, when this differs across compared programmes, it ought to be valued, converted into a cost and included in all-encompassing economic evaluations. There are suggestions on how to value adults' time (e.g., using a person's wage), but we do not know what value to attach to CYP time.


We aim to come up with methods and tools that will help researchers measure, value and include CYP time in health economic evaluations. This will address a methodological gap and help make sure that decisions about what care provided to CYP is based on comprehensive and dependable economic evaluations.