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Finance and Purchasing

WMS Finance Team

All staff should familiarise themselves with the Financial Regulations. For further information and advice please contact a member of the WMS Finance Team.

Purchasing and making payments

The University's E-Procurement system is Online Purchasing electronic Requisition Automation - OPeRA - if you wish to order any items or make payments you will need to use OPeRA.

Your Unit Coordinator or Research Administrator will be able to make OPeRA orders for you. Budget-holders for research projects should approve spend on OPeRA against research costcodes; you will need to be set up on the system to do this.

Detailed guidance and FAQs are available on the WMS Finance pages.

Contact for training and don't hesitate to ask your Unit Coordinator for advice.

Claiming Expenses

The system you use to claim expenses will depend on your role.

All members of salaried staff should claim any expenses through the Concur system.

  • FAQ and a step by step guide.
  • You will need to be set up on the system in order to gain access. New starters will be given an appointment with Stephanie Smart S dot J dot Smart at warwick dot ac dot uk for basic training on how to claim.

  • In order to claim your expenses, you will need a valid cost code and the budget-holder will need to approve the expenses claimed.

PhD students and visitors should use the form FP16a PhD for the first claim, after which you will be set up on Concur.

Workers on the STP or VAM payrolls - use the associated STP or VAM expense forms.

Declaration of Interests

All staff are required to complete the Declaration of Interests form annually, whether or not private outside work is undertaken. The Declaration of Interests covers roles held for external organisations, financial interests in other organisations, gifts and hospitality received, and conflicts of interest. If new work is undertaken within the financial year, a further return should be completed. Please contact the Divisional Manager for advice.

Where staff wish to carry out private outside work, permission must be sought in advance in accordance with Financial Procedure 10. The School is required to check an authorised FP10a form is in place for any private outside work undertaken. Contact the Divisional Manager for in the first instance.

  • Payslips can be viewed on SuccessFactors - details on how to view your payslip here.

  • Further details on Pay & Expenses and contact details for Payroll are available here.