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Health economists form a vital part of many research teams in Warwick Medical School. These include Warwick Clinical Trials Unit, Warwick Evidence, and the Warwick Centre for Global Health. Our aim is to contribute to health and health care in the UK and internationally, by undertaking a variety of economic evaluations alongside trials, cost-effectiveness analyses based on longer-term modelling, systematic reviews of cost-effectiveness evidence, input into health technology assessments, econometric analyses and we also try to improve and develop new methodological approaches.


Centre for Health Economics at Warwick (CHEW)

A core body of our work involves economic evaluations conducted alongside randomised controlled trials coordinated by the Warwick Clinical Trials Unit. Our research involves work on economic aspects of health and disease, economic evaluations of aspects of care, and the design and evaluation of health systems.


Warwick Evidence

Warwick Evidence undertakes reviews and evidence syntheses on the clinical and cost-effectiveness of health care interventions which leads to improvements in health care, either directly by facilitating the introduction of cost-effective new treatments, or indirectly by restricting spending on interventions that are not cost-effective in order to preserve funds for more useful forms of care.


Warwick Centre for Global Health

The Warwick Centre for Global Health is a global network bringing together individuals including health economists, disciplines and organisations to develop practical solutions to health needs. In particular, it works with resource limited nations to transform health systems and improve the health of low and middle income populations.