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Teams across WMS look at the use of technology in healthcare, how it impacts on the experience of receiving and delivering health care, ethical and social dilemmas arising from its use and its impact on health outcomes.

Academic Primary Care


The Warwick Academic Primary Care group works within the area of Health Technologies through its project Access To Care, in which the team investigate how technology might impact on access to primary care.

Clinical Trials Unit


The Clinical Trials Unit works in the area of health technologies through a number of its trials including ATM, AIR , FIXDT and FASHION, which all look at using mechanical interventions for fractures and surgery

Warwick Medicine, Ethics & Society


Warwick Medicine, Ethics and Society: we anticipate and explore the ethical and social acceptability of health technologies in order to improve their development and implementation.

Warwick Evidence


Warwick Evidence undertakes reports on health technologies, which are often published in HTA journals. Two examples of work we have been involved in can be found here and here.