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Infection research at WMS looks at the causes - and management - of outbreaks of infectious disease. Additionally, one of our trials at the Clinical Trials Unit is studying the best ways of treating wounds in patients with open fractures of the lower limb.


Communicable Disease Control Evidence and Epidemiogy (CDCE²)

CDCE² work on infections focuses on population level questions. It includes developing and applying methods to study outbreaks of infectious disease, and using pathogen genome data in the study of infectious disease epidemiology.


Warwick Medicine, Ethics and Society

Ethics come to the fore during pandemics; posing many questions around how society and those tasked with responding should, and do operate during times of emergency. Warwick has extensive expertise in understanding ethics in emergency situations.


Warwick Research in Nursing

Warwick Research In Nursing work in the area of infection through their project MEMVIE - Infection Disease Dynamic Modelling in Health Protection - which focuses on developing patient and public involvement in modelling.



Health Science staff support the teaching on infectious disease to the second and third year students on the MB ChB under the Social and Population Perspectives theme, and on the Disease Prevention and Health Protection module of the Master's in Public Health.


Statistics and Epidemiology

The Statistics and Epidemiology group works on infection through observational data analysis using the self-controlled case series method, cohort, case control and case cross over methods. We are interested in the application and methodological development of the self-controlled case series (SCCS) method, where all time invariant confounders are controlled for implicitly. We are also interested in developing outbreak detection algorithms.