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Background Material

  1. Simple introduction to AI

  1. What AI can achieve in health care

Eric Topol introduces the Health Education England ‘Topol review’: Preparing the healthcare workforce to deliver the digital future.

The full review can be seen here:

Erica Topol High-performance medicine: the convergence of human and artificial intelligence

Zandi D, Reis A, Vayena E, Goodman K. New ethical challenges of digital technologies, machine learning and artificial intelligence in public health: a call for papers. Bull World Health Organ. 2019;97(1):2.

  1. General ethical principles for AI

European Commission Ethics Guidelines for Trustworthy AI 

Commission nationale de l'informatique et des libertés (CNIL) / National Commission on Informatics and Liberty How can humans keep the upper hand: the ethical matters raised by algorithms and artificial intelligence.

Government of Canada Responsible use of AI

Montréal Declaration of Responsible AI

  1. Health specific ethical guidance

National Health Service Code of conduct for data driven health and care technology:

RANZCR Ethical principles for artificial intelligence in medicine:

  1. Potential research agenda model for ethics

Nuffield Foundation Ethical and societal implications of algorithms, data and artificial intelligence: a roadmap for research

  1. Future doctors?

Health Education England is currently consulting on Future Doctors.

One aim for the workshop is to submit a response to this document during the meeting (deadline is 26th September) The statement on the role of doctors, produced in 2014: