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Case-based materials on the experiences of those who deployed to the Ebola outbreak

Anyone is welcome to use the below cases. All we ask is that you acknowledge the source and send us any feedback via this form, or emailing H dot Draper at warwick dot ac dot uk

Case 1: Treatment Eligibility

Key words: infectious disease; humanitarian mission; Medical Rules of Eligibility; dual obligations; distributive justice; defining a healthcare worker in non-UK context

Case 2: Should affected workers be repatriated for care?

Key words: infectious disease; repatriation of affected staff; state obligations; employer obligations; dual standards; infection control.

Case 3: Moving infectious potentially dying patients

Key words: infectious disease; end of life care; best interests; risks to staff; making decision in teams

Case 4: Conflicting priorities in the laboratory

Key words: conflicting obligations (professional/military); prioritising; fairness

Case 5: Use of close circuit television to monitor patients in an infectious disease setting

Key words: infectious disease; privacy; consent and potential coercion; compromising patient care to minimise infection risk

Case 6: Risk avoiding colleague in an infectious disease setting

Key words: duty to take risks; providing care in risky situations; human factors; fairness; nature of humanitarian intervention

Case 7: Sharing resources with other organisations

Key words: dual obligations; rule of rescue; fair allocation of resources; States obligation to soldiers.

Case 8: Operating with limited / inadequate resources

Key words: partiality; best interests; professional standards; scarce resources in emergencies; end of life care; euthanasia is emergencies

Case 9: Are there limits to our obligations to volunteer for humanitarian work?

Key words: can/ought; conflicting obligations; limits to obligations; personal integrity