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Case-based ethics teaching materials

Please contact H dot Draper at warwick dot ac dot uk if you would like help in designing or running short ethics training in disaster bioethics or military medical ethics.

Anyone is welcome to use the materials below. There are no restrictions at all on use.

We ask only that you acknowledge the source and send us any feedback that will help us to improve the materials.

All the materials are built around scenarios and can be used in group discussion. In many instances, brief notes are included that can be used by facilitators to guide discussion or used in self-learning.

Case-based materials on the experiences of those who deployed to the Ebola outbreak

These cases are based around military scenarios in the main but could be readily adapted for civilian use.

Cases-based materials addressing other aspects of disaster bioethics

These cases were generated in conjunction with the with an EU funded COST action Disaster Bioethics, including cases worked up by participants of ‘training the trainers’ summer school run jointly by the two projects in September 2015.

Other military medical ethics training materials

We also collaborated with University of Zurich, Centre for Military Medical Ethics on a project to produce cases for the use in training. A wealth of material can be found on the resulting Scenario Database.

Other useful resources