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Cases-based materials addressing other aspects of disaster bioethics

Disaster Bioethics

These cases were generated in conjunction with the with an EU funded COST action Disaster Bioethics, including cases worked up by participants of ‘training the trainers’ summer school run jointly by the two projects in September 2015.

Anyone is welcome to use the below cases. All we ask is that you acknowledge the source and send us any feedback via this form, or emailing H dot Draper at warwick dot ac dot uk

Case 10: Refusal of staff member to treat a patient with an infectious disease (coming soon)

Key words: infectious disease; refusal of staff member to treat a patient

Case 11: Compulsory Vaccination: Outbreak at Home

Keywords: TBA

Case 12: Conflicting Obligations: Family versus humanity

Keywords: TBA

Case 13: Allocating resources in a resource limited environment (coming soon)

Keywords: Rules of eligibility; Resource allocation; Triage; Natural disaster

Case 14: Implementing a Programme to Reduce Mortality of Infants in Gaza

Keywords: TBA

Case 15: Interviewing Children in Disaster Situation

Keywords: TBA

Case 16: A day in the life of the Medicins Sans Frontieres (MSF) healthcare worker team during an unprecedented outbreak of meningitis in Niamey and the ethical challenges they face.

Keywords: Meningitis, epidemic, vaccination, rationing, triage

Case 17: Support of volunteers in refugee reception centre

Keywords: Refugees, refugee reception camps, NGOs, volunteers, compliance, moral decision making, duties, rights, justice, interests, welfare, levelling-down, resource allocation

Case 18: Is it ever justifiable to not apply the duty of care to all individuals?

Keywords: Civil war, Discrimination, Non-governmental organisation, Healthcare, Aid, Genocide, Ethnic conflict, Refusal to treat

Case 19: Conflicting priorities in evidenced-based practice: between conducting mental health research and expanding mental health services.

Keywords: Mental health, Research, Human rights, Resource constraints