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Creating I:DNA - from concept to installation

Creating I:DNA documentary

If you are interested in the details of how to create and manage an outreach activity, such as I:DNA, then please visit our page 'how-to' create and manage an installation, or visit our I:DNA Case Study pages created for the Warwick Institute of Engagement.

In the 'how-to' and case study pages we discuss:

  1. Having an idea, getting a team together, and finding funding
  2. Translating research into an art installation and the Challenges of arts-science collaborations
  3. Sound and video-scape
  4. Choosing an audience
  5. Different kinds of associated events such as a Children's craft workshop and Poetry workshop and performance
  6. Evaluation of the activities
  7. Practical considerations, including
  8. Deciding on locations (Venue and event accessibility, Practicalities, health & safety, insurance)
  9. Project management
  10. Using External contractors
  11. Digital skills for engagement
  12. Funding and costs

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