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What our visitors said about I:DNA

"I never thought I would be so touched and impressed with an exhibition quite like this one. I am incredibly thankful for having seen it."
"It's so important to give a platform to the voices that never get heard- and even better when presented in a creative way!"
"It's allowed me to look at something from a new perspective that I didn't actually think was relevant to me"
"haunting and beautiful- really hooks you in"

Professor Anna Middleton, head of the Wellcome Genome Campus Society and Ethics Research Group commented,

"We are so proud to support the I:DNA project; it showcases the synergy between medicine, social science and art can bring new perspectives to discussing genomics. It encourages us to reflect on where we are going with the application of genetic technology and helps us to reflect on our personal position in relation to this. I would recommend everyone working in genomics takes stock to listen to the voices of those with inherited disease"

See here for a review of I:DNA published in Bionews by one of our attendees, as well as by an attendee in the GenomEthics blog

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