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Biomedical Visualisations and Society: Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality and its Application to Healthcare

24-25 May 2010

Invited speakers

  • Rachel Prentice, Assistant Professor, Science & Technology Studies, Cornell University
  • Vinesh Raja, Warwick Manufacturing Group, Informatics and Virtual Reality


Themes for discussion are likely to include:

  • The role of the five senses in understanding the body
  • The co-construction of bodies and machines
  • The epistemological implications of re-presenting the body through mathematical data

Participants will have the opportunity to experience virtual reality at The International Digital Laboratory, with the guidance of Vinesh Raja. This multi-disciplinary research centre conducts research in the field of informatics and virtual reality as one key area of activity. Professor Raja has expertise in modelling soft tissues for haptics, with applications such as virtual surgery and a virtual breast model (for teaching breast examination to medical students).

Information for Participants