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About SERG Network



SERG Network

Terms of Reference

About SERG

SERG (Social and Ethical Research in Genomics) Network exists to provide an interdisciplinary collaborative forum for researchers of all career stages who are exploring the social and/or ethical implications of genomic medicine. SERG serves as both a network to promote relevant events and information, as well as hosting data workshops.


Aims of SERG

1. To offer a welcoming and inclusive forum where research data, findings and ideas can be shared, with the goal of encouraging new relationships, ideas, and the identification of cross-cutting research themes.

2. To promote a positive research culture around SERG where collaboration and mutual support are fostered and encouraged

3. To support the development of future research agendas.


Who is running SERG?

SERG is being led by Prof Felicity Boardman at Warwick Medical School, with Dr Corinna Clark (WMS), Prof Bobbie Farsides (BSMS), Prof Nina Hallowell (Oxford University), and Dr Cathy Hebrand (DMU).

Funding has been provided by the Wellcome Trust.


Data-sharing meetings or 'workshops'

Data workshops provide a welcoming and reflective space for researchers to bring raw data from their projects (ideally works in progress, although completed project data will also be accepted) for the purposes of conceptual enhancement with colleagues, the identification of cross-cutting research themes, mutual learning, networking, and research agenda setting.

These meetings will be open to all those with an interest in SERG issues, including clinicians, charities, students, advisory groups, and policy makers.

During workshops, between 1 and 3 people will present their research data for discussion and reflection by workshop participants. There will also be the opportunity to bring specific ‘research problems’ in a data-clinic format.

We welcome all forms of data – qualitative and quantitative, and other outputs such as those from arts-based research.

To maximise accessibility but also to allow for networking, SERG will run both online and in-person meetings. There may be the option to join an in-person event remotely. Please contact SERG if you wish to discuss this (

If you are interested in either presenting your data for reflection, or you have a specific data analysis issue you wish to raise in a data clinic, then please contact Please also read the information for presenters in the Code of Conduct.

To reduce the amount of time spent in workshops reading complex or dense materials, SERG may send samples of the data (on behalf of the data presenters) or other information to be discussed, approximately one week before the workshop. We would encourage all workshop attendees to allocate time to read this information before the meeting.

All workshop attendees will be expected to abide by the Code of Conduct. Attendance at a meeting and/or accessing documentation related to a meeting will be taken as acknowledgement of, and agreement to abide by, the CoC.  

Privacy statement

For our privacy statement please see To unsubscribe from SERG or to amend your contact preferences please contact us via the contact & registration form or via 

Document last updated 1st Feb 2023