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SERG Network (Social and Ethical Research in Genomics)

Social and Ethical Research in Genomics (SERG)

About SERG

The aims of the network:
1) promote a positive research culture around Social and Ethical Research in Genomics, where collaboration and mutual support is fostered and encouraged.
2) offer a forum where research data, findings and ideas can be shared, with the goal of encouraging new relationships, ideas and the identification of cross-cutting research themes.
SERG has been funded by the Wellcome Trust.

Who is running SERG?

SERG is being led by Prof Felicity Boardman, with Dr Corinna Clark, at Warwick Medical School.

With invaluable input from our collaborators, Prof Bobbie Farsides (BSMS), Prof Nina Hallowell (Oxford University) and Dr Cathy Hebrand (De Montford University).

Contact us at: or register to join here

To register your interest in joining the network and/or attending a workshop (or presenting your data) please complete this form or email us at

Data workshops

We will be running a series of workshops, which will identify areas of divergence/similarity in analytic interpretation. In every meeting we will have a 'data clinic', where researchers can present 'research problems' or opportunities for collaborative idea-forming and divergent analytic interpretation.

We welcome researchers and others (e.g. policy makers, charity representatives) with an interest in genomics from diverse disciplines (e.g. sociology, genetic counselling, molecular and clinical geneticists, law, ethics etc.) at all career stages.

Our next meeting will be in the Autumn (Sept/Oct 2022 - date TBC), which will be our first data-sharing meeting. This will be an in-person meeting (potentially with the option for online attendance). The date for this meeting will be published here in due course but please also see our twitter account for updates.


First meeting held

We held our first workshop (online) on the 9th June 2022, where we had a very informative discussion on what network members would like to see in - or get from - future workshops, and how these workshops will operate on a practical level. We are now finalising our guidance for presenters and workshop attendees and we are also planning our first data-sharing workshop for Autumn 2022.

If you would like to attend and/or present your own data, or you have any questions about SERG, then please contact us via this form or email us at

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