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General Practice (GP) is encountering problems relating to the recruitment, retention and satisfaction of GPs. This is exacerbated by the increased workload that stems from higher life expectancies and the movement of specialist services from secondary to primary care. This imbalance is raising concerns about the capacity of the General Practice workforce to safely and effectively meet patients’ needs - this study will look to current trainees and their experience to facilitate future change .

The government has set a target for 50% of junior doctors to move into General Practice when they complete their foundation training, however it is estimated that only 20% do, with future predictions showing little growth in this number.

West Midlands Deanery have commissioned a team at the University of Warwick including Academic Fellows who are GP registrars to find out the views of GP registrars who have recently completed training about how it has prepared them for general practice, and how this influences career plans and choice of work over the following 5 years.

The West Midlands GP STAR (satisfaction with training and retention) study aims to recruit all registrars completing training over the next year. There will be five online questionnaires over the next 5 years with the first to be completed within 3 months of completion of GP training. The study is an opportunity for voicing views that will inform change within the West Midlands and nationally, but is dependent on a high level of participation in order that the findings are seen to be representative.

As a thank you for agreeing to participate in this 5-year study, you will receive a £15 voucher following completion of the first questionnaire. Completing the subsequent questionnaires will be recognised with a certificate valid for 1 hour CPD which can be used towards appraisal/revalidation.

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