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Your answers to the questionnaire will be anonymised and kept securely on the University of Warwick’s database. This data will only be accessible to members of the research team and in accordance to data protection guidelines.So we can link your questionnaires over the 5 years, we will ask three questions that will allow us to identify you:What is your mother’s first name?What was the name of the school/college you attended for your A-Levels?Which month were your born?This information will only be used for linking your questionnaires and once this is complete all data will be deleted from the data sets.
We will also ask for your email address so we can provide you with a gift voucher and send you the follow up questionnaires. Please choose an email address you aim to keep for the next 5 years. Your email address will be stored separately to your data and will not be used to identify you for any other purpose than that stated above.