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Current Projects

Novel Trial Designs for Dynamic Precision Medicine in Cancer. The Royal Society International Exchanges Award

(PI: Deepak Parashar; CoI: Robert Beckman, Georgetown University, USA)

Innovative statistical methods for clinical trial pathways supporting regulatory drug approval. MRC iCASE studentship with Boehringer Ingelheim

(PI: Nigel Stallard)

Sub-acromial spacer for Tears Affecting Rotator cuff Tendons: a Randomised, Efficient, Adaptive Clinical Trial in Surgery (START:REACTS)

(PI: Andrew Metcalfe; CoI: Nick Parsons)

START:REACTS is an NIHR EME funded study investigating the use of a sub-acromial (balloon) spacer for tears affecting rotator cuff (shoulder) tendons. The study design is adaptive, based on using early endpoints (observed at 3 and 6 months after intervention) in addition to primary 12 month outcomes to inform decisions regarding possible early stopping for futility or efficacy at a number of interim analyses. A range of simulations have been undertaken to determine the design with the most desirable operating characteristics. Details of the selected design (i.e. number of interim looks and stopping rules) will remain confidential within the trial management group and data monitoring committee.

Venous Thromboembolism in Cancer Patients: Patients’ Experiences. HRA Study

(PI: Deepak Parashar; CoI: Annie Young; PhD Student: Omar Abdullah)

Statistical Design and Analysis of Clinical Studies using Personalised Healthcare under Biomarker Uncertainty. MRC iCASE Studentship with Roche Pharmaceuticals

(PI: Deepak Parashar; PhD Student: Ben Lanza)

Developing efficient perpetual platform trials to study multiple treatments and multiple biomarkers. MRC Methodology Research Programme
(PI: James Wason, Cambridge; CoI: Nigel Stallard)
Evaluation of Bayesian adaptive designs for Phase 3 effectiveness trials. MRC Methodology Research Programme
(PI: Simon Gates, Birmingham; CoI: Nigel Stallard)

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