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The Warwick-Edinburgh Mental Wellbeing Scales - WEMWBS

"The Warwick-Edinburgh Mental Wellbeing Scales were developed to enable the measuring of mental wellbeing in the general population and the evaluation of projects, programmes and policies which aim to improve mental wellbeing. The 14-item scale WEMWBS has 5 response categories, summed to provide a single score. The items are all worded positively and cover both feeling and functioning aspects of mental wellbeing, thereby making the concept more accessible. The scale has been widely used nationally and internationally for monitoring, evaluating projects and programmes and investigating the determinants of mental wellbeing."- Prof Sarah Stewart-Brown

Scales are simple to complete and score. They have been translated to over 25 languages. Also, over 200 annual publications make the concept of mental wellbeing more accessible. There is over 1200 registrations every year and it's used in large populations in Iceland, Spain and the UK

The aim is to build awareness and support development of mental wellbeing