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Thank you for registering

Thank you for registering. You now have permission to use WEMWBS in the manner detailed in your submission.

The resources below include both versions of WEMWBS along our guidelines on use and supplementary information to assist you in the analysis of anydata collected.

14-item scale WEMWBS

Download the original, 14-item scale here. This provides a fuller picture of mental wellbeing with a better balance of feeling and functioning items than the 7-item scale WEMWBS. It is preferred in situations where it is valuable to give study participants a picture of their mental wellbeing.

7-item scale WEMWBS

The Short Warwick-Edinburgh Mental Wellbeing Scale is a 7-point scale which can save valuable space and time in evaluations. Download it here.

Collecting, scoring and interpreting

Please read the guidelines regarding collecting, scoring and interpreting WEMWBS here. The conversion chart to convert total raw scores can be downloaded here.

For researchers

The original WEMWBS User Guide is available here. This is the guide that was originally developed for NHS Scotland, updated in 2015. It is intended for researchers and practitioners who are familiar with the use of scales in evaluations. It contains detailed information about the validation and distribution of the scale, comparison to other scales and some key questions about the collection, analysis, and interpretation of data, including some support for sample size calculation.

For practitioners

We appreciate that many using WEMWBS will be less experienced in evaluation. We have developed a practice-based User Guide which can be found here. It provides practical and easy to follow advice on using WEMWBS to evaluate a service or other intervention for practitioners who are new or relatively new to evaluation. It also contains advice about confidentiality.

Data analysis

We have developed various tools to aid your analysis. Excel templates containing sample data are available to download:

These will give you basic statistics for evaluation of an intervention study. Instructions are included. Just delete the sample data and enter your own.

Resources for training in the use of WEMWEBS as a pre- and post-intervention measure

Other guides

  • Handbook from New Economics Foundation This handbook about measuring wellbeing was produced by the New Economics Foundation to support their evaluation of wellbeing interventions. It includes information about study design and scoring of WEMWBS as well as findings from a population study.
  • The What Works Wellbeing Centre has published guidance on measuring mental wellbeing and are due to publish an online tool for incorporating WEMWBS or other measures for mental wellbeing into evaluations.


We have developed translations of WEMWBS in many languages and hope to add more in the future. If you'd like to use one of the translations here, please make sure you get in touch with the listed contact (where applicable) to let them know you'll be using it.