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Claire Bastie



Associate Professor


WMS - Translational Medicine
University of Warwick
Tel: 02476 151 202

Research Interests

The overall research interest of the lab is the regulation of nutrient sensing pathways in health and disease, with an emphasis on the metabolic changes related to obesity and type 2 diabetes. We have uncovered that Fyn tyrosine kinase is a nutrient-sensor regulating whole body energy homeostasis in conditions of excess (obesity) or deprivation (caloric restriction) of nutrient availability. Specific interests include: 1. Exploring how Fyn regulates adipose tissue development and differentiation, also investigating the relevance of Fyn function in obese individuals 2. Examining how Fyn relays nutritional signals between mother and foetus in pregnancies complicated with obesity and/or gestational diabetes.


I am an Associate Professor in Metabolic Biochemistry. Following a Ph.D at INSERM in the Centre of Biochemistry at Nice-Sophia-Antipolis (France), I moved as a Post-Doctoral fellow then as a Research Instructor at the State University of New York (USA). In 2010, I started my own lab at Albert Einstein College of Medicine (AECOM) in New York, supported by the National Institutes of Health. I held a joint appointment at AECOM and Warwick Medical School from 2011 to 2015 before permanently moving to Warwick Medical School.


  • Tarabra, Elena, An Lee, Ting-Wen, Zammit, Victor A., Vatish, Manu, Yamada, Eijiro, Pessin, Jeffrey E., Bastie, Claire C., 2017. Differential activation of Fyn kinase distinguishes saturated and unsaturated fats in mouse macrophages. Oncotarget, View
  • Yamada, Eijiro, Okada, Shuichi, Bastie, Claire C., Vatish, Manu, Nakajima, Yasuyo, Shibusawa, Ryo, Ozawa, Atsushi, Pessin, Jeffrey E., Yamada, Masanobu, 2016. Fyn phosphorylates AMPK to inhibit AMPK activity and AMP-dependent activation of autophagy. Oncotarget, View
  • Bari, Muhammad Furqan, Ngo, Sherry, Bastie, Claire C., Sheppard, Allan M., Vatish, Manu, 2016. Gestational diabetic transcriptomic profiling of microdissected human trophoblast. Journal of Endocrinology, 229 (1), pp. 47-59, View
  • Yamada, Eijiro, Bastie, Claire C., 2014. Disruption of fyn SH3 domain interaction with a proline-rich motif in liver kinase B1 results in activation of AMP-activated protein kinase. PLoS ONE, Volume 9 (Number 2), View
  • Lee, T. -W. A., Kwon, H., Zong, H., Yamada, Eijiro, Vatish, Manu, Pessin, J. E., Bastie, Claire C., 2013. Fyn deficiency promotes a preferential increase in subcutaneous adipose tissue mass and decreased visceral adipose tissue inflammation. Diabetes, Volume 62 (Number 5), pp. 1537-1546, View
  • Sivakumar, Kavitha, Bari, Muhammad F., Adaikalakoteswari, A., Guller, S., Weickert, Martin O., Randeva, Harpal S., Grammatopoulos, Dimitris, Bastie, Claire C., Vatish, Manu, 2013. Elevated fetal adipsin/acylation-stimulating protein (ASP) in obese pregnancy : novel placental secretion via Hofbauer cells. The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, 98 (10), pp. 4113-4122, View
  • Yamada, Eijiro, Bastie, Claire C., Koga, Hiroshi, Wang, Yichen, Cuervo, Ana Maria, Pessin, Jeffrey E., 2012. Mouse skeletal muscle fiber-type-specific macroautophagy and muscle wasting are regulated by a Fyn/STAT3/Vps34 signaling pathway. Cell Reports, Vol.1 (No.5), pp. 557-569, View
  • Yamada, Eijiro, Pessin, Jeffrey E., Kurland, Irwin J., Schwartz, Gary J., Bastie, Claire C., 2010. Fyn-dependent regulation of energy expenditure and body weight is mediated by tyrosine phosphorylation of LKB1. Cell Metabolism, Vol.11 (No.2), pp. 113-124, View

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Post Graduate Supervision

  • Role of Fyn kinase in CRH regulation of energy homeostasis Date of Completion:2016
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